Solar Team Twente

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Solar Team Twente Team

A team of 19 young, committed students with only one goal: together build the most innovative solar car and conquer a top position in the World Solar Challenge, a 3010 km race across the rough Australian landscape. Solar Team Twente 2015 started officially in September 2014 and consists of 15 University of Twente students and 4 Saxion College students. A strict selection procedure has resulted in a multi-disciplinary, committed and enthusiastic group of students.

The experience and knowledge of the five previous editions of Solar Team Twente form the base of 2015’s solarteam, which will operate independently. It’s ‘an enterprising team’ that charts its own course when it comes to technology, communication and management. In this unique composition, with each member contributing their own knowledge and personality, the team will face the challenge and adventure, and ensure a top performance in Australia!

The race ‘down under’ which has been the centre point within Solar Team Twente debuted in 2005 with best newcomer SolUTra. Solar Team Twente integrated the chassis and the body work into one aerodynamic unity. 9th place was reached. In 2007 the Twente One brought innovation with a rotating wing and the fresnelsystem. 6th place! Those innovations further developed in 2009 in the 21Revolution. 8th place was the result. In 2011 the aerodynamics and speed of the 21Connect were eye-catchers. 5th place! Last World Solar Challenge in October 2013, Solar Team Twente reached a third place with The RED Engine. Mainly on weight The RED Engine has gone ahead. Due to the design techniques of the technical team and of course the material. The new carbon from aerospace quality makes the car extremely light, yet very strong.

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