Interview Chris Selwood: “Idea of 24 hour solar car race is absolutely inspiring”

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During the entire iESC weekend, Chris Selwood will be present at Circuit Zolder. Chris is the Managing Director and driving force behind the famous World Solar Challenge. Our German colleague Matthias Wiemers was honoured to have a skype interview with the Australian.

“For me it’s a dream that other solar car events are organized around the world”, Selwood explains. “Some of them are quite long running but there is plenty of room for events in different countries.”

One of these events is the 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge. “The iESC takes place on the wonderful race track of Circuit Zolder, which has a Formula 1 history. It is surrounded by nice houses. Nobody wants noise but solar cars do not disturb people. It is a great opportunity to be different. Moreover Circuit Zolder is a very challenging track, also for solar cars. It has amazing corporate facilities, conference rooms and viewing areas. It is an absolute wonderful place to organise solar car races.”

The iESC will be the first endurance race ever for solar cars. “A 24 hour race for solar cars is an absolutely inspiring idea. Some people think solar cars can’t race when the sun doesn’t shine. Well, that’s not true! It’s all about team effort for this ultimate test. It is a very interesting concept to pitch solar cars against the Tesla, which is a wonderful car.

‘Friendly competition’

And what about the atmosphere that is so typical for Solar Car races? “I like to talk about what I call ‘the spirit of friendly competition’. It’s about being friendly, helping each other and being all together for sharing information. All people should come to this celebration of European solar car racing. I would like to ask all solar teams, even those who don’t participate, to bring all their team members to Circuit Zolder!”

Please watch the full interview below.

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