iESC team presentation – ITU Solar Car (Turkey): “Happy to show ourselves at the iESC!”

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All teams are currently preparing their participation at the 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge. During the next weeks, each team will be presented on the iESC website. Today we introduce you the Turkish ITU Solar Car team from Istanbul. 

The team

“ITU Solar Car Team have been lighting up the tomorrow since 2004”,explains team leader Yunus Emre Çiçek. “We have built 8 solar cars, one of them is the Turkey’s first Cruiser Class solar car which is called ARUNA. For now it is a prototype car, but we are working hard to make it useful for daily life.The R&D process is running for the next ARUNA.”

“All the other cars that we built were Challenger Class cars and they are called ARIBA Series (Ariba 1,2,3,…,7). In 10 years time we have won with these cars 19 cups from the challenges that were arranged by Tubitak in Turkey. We have also won the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at WSC 2009.”

“Our team is made of 17 persons from different departments. It is working like a company. There are 5 subgroups; Electrical & Electronical, Mechanical, Strategy & Optimization, Material & Production and Organisation. All of them are reporting their works monthly.”

ITU Solar Car 1

The car

“We will be racing with our rebuilded car ‘Saray Ariba 7S’. In June 2016, We have joined the event ‘Youth for Future’ that is arranged by our fellow team ‘Anadolu Solar’. We saw the potential of Saray Ariba 7S during the event. Therefore we decided to improve it in order to participate on the Zolder Circuit with some changes as well.”

Car dimensions:

“The name of our car is ‘Saray Ariba 7S’ and its dimensions are : 4500mm length, 1800mm width and 1100mm heigth. The body and chassis were produced in 2013 and the total weight is 165kg with all electrical components which are newly designed. Our mechanical parts had their own technical maintenance in this year, such as a new brake system and suspension system. We are using lithium-ion cells and monocrystalline silicon solar arrays for electrical systems. We have a brushless DC HUB motor.”

Itu Solar Car 2

The challenge

“Our team gathered in 2005. Despite of our long history, today’s members are fairly new but also very ambitious”, says Çiçek. “Since a year, we are working on our solar car with our lectures in the same time so it means we are giving so many sacrifices from free times and social things. Does it bother anyone? Definitely not! We are working as a 5 part group in the team: Mechanic, Electric, Production, Organisation and Strategy. The Electrical Team is divided in 4 parts: Electronic, Electric,Software and Strategy.”

“As a new group of Strategy, their work is not that bounded. The students are modelling and optimising the solar car behaviors. They are reading articles and trying to make our solar car more efficient. The students are also working with data. Usually Control Engineering students participate in the Strategy group.”

Itu Solar Car 3

“Every member of the team wants to participate in the WSC, so we have to get through some challenges. Without supporting and advertising, joining a challenge is not possible as you know. Luckily, we have the iLumen Europen Solar Challenge to show ourselves. The iESC differs from any other challenge because it contains 24 hours of driving and it has a section of competing with the Tesla. This makes us more excited. The iESC may be the one of the last challenges that we can join with 6 m^2 solar arrays. Thanks to our long history and cumulative informations, we are aiming good results”, Çiçek concludes.

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