iESC team presentation – Onda Solare (Italy): “Promote our team and our beliefs”

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All teams are currently preparing their participation at the 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge. During the next weeks, each team will be presented on the iESC website. Today we introduce you the Italian Onda Solare team.

The team

” ‘Believing in a cleaner world does not mean to give up an asset but to fully enjoy it in a sustainable way.’

This is the slogan of Onda Solare, a team of volunteers, technicians, engineers and manufacturers, who have decided to take an active role for a sustainable mobility.
Together with the University of Bologna we have designed and developed three competition vehicles (Emilia 1, Emilia 2 and Emilia 3), chasing the efficiency, or rather:

  • Research in materials that are able to guarantee lightness and safety;
  • A deep aerodynamics study to increase the performance, without effecting the aesthetics;
  • Design and development of an efficient propulsion system.

In particular, with the last solar car (Emilia 3), we have shared these thoughts around the world at the following events:

  • World Solar Challenge 2013;
  • Abu Dhabi 2015;
  • Moroccan Solar Race Challenge 2015;
  • Carrera Solar Atacama 2016.”


The car

“New technological ideas, renewed passion and ambitious goals are at the basis of Emilia 3, the latest model of the Onda Solare Italian team. Built after years of research and hard work, this solar vehicle was created with the initial scope to participate at the Australian World Solar Challenge 2013 in the “challenger” class. With a weight of 195 kg, 4.5 metres in length, 1.8 in width and 1.2 in height, Emilia 3 is able to reach its maximum velocity with an extremely high energy efficiency thanks to a deep aerodynamics study and, more noteworthy, the use of advanced solutions in terms of design, materials and technologies:

  • Motorized wheels with a carbon shells;
  • Intelligence system that manages batteries and PV cells;
  • Weight of brakes and suspension reduced due to new carbon fibre brake calipers and a specials carbon fibre leaf springs;
  • Unconventional steering system designed to solve vibration or oscillation of the steering wheel due to suspension movement.”





The challenge

The Onda Solare team is really looking forward to race on the Circuit Zolder race track. “The historical Zolder racetrack is where everyone with a passion for the automotive world desires to run. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity yet, but we are very eager and curious. We are waiting for a challenging racetrack especially considering the differences respects to the traditional solar tracks.”

Concerning strategy, how can one compare the iLumen European Solar Challenge with other solar car challenges? “During a 24-hour race, it is fundamental for a solar vehicle to have an extremely efficient race strategy. Endurance, reliability and energy saving are critical aspects, more relevant than speed and power. In addition, Zolder will also give us the opportunity to test our vehicle in environmental conditions quite uncommon for solar racecars (as low sun irradiations, night use…), but just representing what these vehicles are waited for the future.”

For the Onda Solare team it is already clear who will win the iESC. “With our Emilia 3, we have already won against the Tesla S model in our competition for a sustainable world and that’s the same in the case of the other solar vehicles. Tesla S surely represents the best in terms of innovation toward a full electrical mobility, but it misses two crucial aspects: environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. It simply misses the deeper soul of our “Think Green”. In our cars, energy uses to come from the most ecofriendly source: our ancient Sun. Despite, Tesla S needs a plug and an electrical net.
Tesla S declares to run 1.500km in Zolder. In the same elapse of time, we plan not less than 1.200km. We will consume <400kW, while Tesla S at least 1.800. Who will win?”

“The IESC is a unique event in which people will be able to see solar cars performing on an exclusive racetrack. This event also gives different teams and viewers the opportunity to share with each other their knowledge and work. As a team, we hope to demonstrate the high performance of our racecars, as well as be able to collect useful data and information that will only help improve our work. In addition, this event will also give us the chance to promote our team and our beliefs.”



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