iESC team presentation – Lodz Solar Team

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The team

“Lodz Solar Team is the latest winner of iLumen European Solar Challenge 2018 in Cruiser class. Last year during BWSC the team scored a great second test in the practical test”, Team manager Adam Kuzański explains.

“Our team consists of 40 people divided into 4 departments (mechanical, electrical, programming and marketing). The key thing in Lodz Solar Team is the team spirit and thinking “outside of a box” .”

Lodz Team foto

The car

“Eagle Two is a second generation of Lodz Solar Team solar cars. This car has been build in 2017 and since this time we were able to participate with our car two times in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia and once in iLumen European Solar Challenge in Belgium. Eagle Two is a 5 seaters car with external dimensions of 4944 mm long, 1626 mm wide and 1300 mm height. The maximum range of the car is about 1500km on one charge.”

The challenge

“Circuit Zolder is one of the best racing tracks in Europe. While racing there you can feel the spirit of old F1 cars driving through the same corners as our solar vehicles. What is more, we love this circuit because it was very lucky for us in 2018 when we won the previous edition of iLumen Europan Solar Challenge 2018!”

Is Circuit Zolder a challenging track? “Yes, it is! 2 narrow chicanes which does not forgive mistakes (even while only driving 50 km/h) and an exciting first turn which not only is one of the fastest on the circuit, but it also goes down what decreases the force which is applied to the tyres and makes it very easy to make a mistake, especially while driving at night in the rain.”

“A 24 hours race is hard. In the rain it is even harder than racing in Australia for a week!”

“Such a long race is definitely more demanding to all team members. During the 24 hours race we need to stay focused on the goal and keep working to reach it all 24 hours. This kind of race is also harder for the car. All the parts has to work properly all 24 hours without any damages if you would like to win the competition. In shorter races there is a lower probability to have a technical problems in your car. To sum up, the 24 hour race requires the car’s absolute reliability as well as the great effort of the team members.”

“Lodz Solar Team would like to repeat the success achieved during 2018 iLumen European Solar Challenge and win once again. We know that this will be extremely difficult, but with new technology implemented in our car we are sure that we will be a tough rival for everyone.”

“24 hours race of solar cars build by students is the race that can be the announcement of future. Just imagine traveling in time and moving to 2050. Probably the largest and most recognized 24-hour race of the world in Le Mans will then take place with the participation of solar cars. Why not come to the iLumen European solar Challenge and see the future today? Everyone want to see the future, so it is a best way to do that.”

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