iESC team presentation – ITU Solar Car Team

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The team

“Founded back in 2004, our team designed and produced 9 solar-powered electric cars that participated in many different races in three continents, winning over 20 awards”, says Burak Hüner (Head of Race Operations and Foreign Relationships). “We are proud of our very special prizes: ‘The Best Newcomer Award’ from Bridgestone World Solar Challenge’13, ‘The Brain Sport Award’ from iLumen European Solar Challenge’16.”

“Our team currently consists of 40 students from Istanbul Technical University, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious technical universities in the world. Our team members are mostly at the undergraduate level; still, we have Further Research Group that includes graduate-level students to focus on scientific research projects.”

“We divided our team as groups that focus on their particular studies: Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Materials and Production, Power Systems, Embedded Systems, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (Sub-groups: Autonomous, Racing Strategy), Race & Operations, Business Development & Finance. Our team members are from 13 different majors and that creates multi-disciplinary and enjoyable workspace.”

“We could not participate in races after WSC’17 in order to focus on scientific research projects. For instance, we built a test chassis of B.O.W and testing the autonomous features that we developed on it. We also attach importance to academic development so we contribute the academy with 35 publications. We are preparing to make a closure with our Autonomous project with a paper right now.”

“After all these years with growing, we are ready to back on track with our very first race in years, finally!”

The car

The Golden Car is ready to say goodbye. Our latest car, Bees on Wheels (B.O.W.), as known as “The Golden Car”, is preparing its final race. We completed the design and the production of the car in 2017 and attended World Solar Challenge’17 right after.”

After the academic year of 2018, B.O.W was back on track for a challenging mission. We practiced a “Turkey Tour” which involves five cities in our country. We visited Mayors, Ministers, and important delegates from the industry during the tour. Our car was the center of attention in every city’s locals.”

Some technical information about the car is provided:

  • Maximum speed: 140 km/h
  • Weight: 170 kg
  • Battery Capacity: 6.1 kWh
  • Engine Power: 1.8 kWh

The challenge

“When a race takes place in 24 hours it turns into a real challenge like it’s name. This is no race for a few hours and iESC makes you push the limits.”

“iESC means a lot to us and we have been preparing so hard for this challenge day and night. Last time we participated in we achieved an innovation and awareness award. This time our ambition is to bring the cup to our workshop.”

“Solar cars are the future of mankind and these solar challenges and the way these cars overcome such a challenge as the iESC. Zolder, with its sharp turns, is a very challenging track just like the race itself. We can’t wait to race in this wonderful circuit”, Hüner concludes.

Itu iESC

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    May the sun be with you in this exciting race. Good luck

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    Güneşiniz ve yolunuz açık olsun, başarılar dilerim.

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