Eco Solar Breizh

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Eco Solar Breizh

Our association is based on three “rocks” :

Sustainable development

“Sustainable development” by offsetting the team’s carbon footprint each year. Designing and building a solar-powered car is a complex project and cannot be achieved without generating CO2 emissions. So we decided to measure our carbon footprint during the whole project : travels, materials, energy consumption… At the end of each year, the association will give a check to a NGO working on carbon offset projects (tree-planting, …) in order to compensate for our yearly carbon foot print.


This is what drives our innovation. Given the very high level of technology involved, teams competing in solar car racing are coming from all around the world. World class teams are the ones able to combine cutting edge technologies from many different fields. Eco Solar Breizh team is able to optimize innovative technologies while relying on improved industrial processes thanks to industries and labs from Brittany (


The project is the crucible for various internships offered by our partners. Most Breton’s higher education schools are involved. Many technical schools have also agreed to include ECO SOLAR BREIZH’s project in their list of internal projects. Finally, the association is committed to invite secondary school students to work on the project.

The team

The team is composed of professionals from many different fields. They provide the required skills to achieve such a challenge. This project is also an opportunity to offer internships to students of all levels supervised by companies. Discover people on the french version.

The heart of Eco Solar Breizh belongs to Brittany

Since 2011, Bretagne region has embarked on a global attractiveness drive to enrich, rejuvenate and dynamise its image. This is a brand to be shared by all those private and public players – from the worlds of business, the arts, research, academia or sport – who wish to make reference to the region and its values in publicising and promoting their activities on the national and international scenes.

From the beginning, we wanted Eco Solar Breizh to be part of this dynamic thus asserting our Breton identity. Indeed, most of the actors involved in the project are located in Brittany. An objective is also to get the Breton’s diaspora to support the project by adopting a cell.

Moreover, Eco Solar Breizh shares values with Bretagne brand : sustainable development by inviting citizens to change the way they think about vehicles.

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