The Challenge

Welcome to the official website of the 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge powered by Circuit Zolder! The iESC is the only 24 hours endurance race in the world for solar cars, which takes place every 2 (even) years at the former F1 track of Circuit Zolder in Belgium.

At the race track, the solar cars can show their full potential with low power consumption and fantastic aerodynamics over a full day. During the Challenge, each team can make a maximum of 2 stops for charging. In 2018, teams were allowed for the first time to participate with 2 solar cars.

European Solar Challenge
European Solar Challenge - parade

The Zolder Circuit

The former Formula 1 track of Zolder in Belgium possesses a rich history of racing and other events. The track has a length of 4.011 km and offers a lot of challenging corners. Therefore it is loved by many famous race car drivers.


Parking facilities

People that visit the 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge by car get free access to the parking facilities inside the Circuit. Circuit Zolder is accessible by driving under the arch of Gate 1 of the Circuit and then turn left. Afterwards, they can follow the route marked in red on the map below to the visitors parking (marked as ‘2’ on the map below). Owners of electric cars get access to a seperate parking (marked as ‘3’ on the map below).

GPS coordinates Gate 1: Kerkstraat (intersection Terlaemen) Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.


During the entire 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge weekend, visitors can enjoy snacks and drinks inside the Circuit. Some animation is provided for children.

The iESC organization is looking forward to welcome you at Circuit Zolder!

About the Organisation

Recently, technology has enhanced the possibility to change power sources from fossil fuels to renewable energy, especially in the mobility sector.

Green Technology Events, the organizers of the iLumen European Solar Challenge, is an international, motivated group of people with personal experiences within the electro mobility sector. It is in our interest to extend the public’s knowledge on the possibility of combining mobility and sustainable energy to create alternatives for daily use.

The iESC is aimed at creating an exciting event for all Solarcar Teams from around the world. Not only is this a great opportunity to “present” their hard work, but also strengthen the Solarcar community.