Sunday morning update

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It is a very sunny morning at Circuit Zolder. At 8.23 AM Solar Team Twente is leading the race with 210 laps, shortly followed by the iLumen White Tesla.

The Belgian Punch Powertrain Solar Team (194 laps) and the German Team PowerCore Suncruser (193 laps) are in an exciting battle for the third place

We are also very happy to announce that after a lot of hard work, the Colombian team could complete their 3 first laps!

Still 5 hours to go at Circuit Zolder. You can follow the climax live here!

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  1. Nigel
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    Congratulations for organizing a great event. The format worked really well and I hope that it is something you are able to continue with. It is a shame that your event clashed with the South African race and I hope that in future you might be able to avoid clashing because there are other international teams that I’m sure would like to take part in ESC now that it has proved so successful.

    The live tracking was fantastic, the best I’ve seen for a solar event. My only point of criticism would be the lack of information in other areas. The scoring for the event was based on 4 different challenges but to date there has been no official notice of who placed in the other three aspects. I’m sure that you will post a full breakdown of the final positions but it is always good for spectators to know the placings of the teams as the event progresses. It is also interesting to be kept informed about scrutineering progress.

    Once again well done and thank you for a great event.

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